• Facials

    from Rs.300.00

    Please find the Best Facial Offers from Ozone Beauty Parlour

    Herbal Rs.300.00
    Strawberry Fruit Facial Rs.375.00
    Papaya Fruit Facial Rs.375.00
    Banana Fruit Facial Rs.375.00
    Orange Fruit Facial Rs.375.00
    Pearl Rs.550.00
    Silver Rs.750.00
    Gold Rs.1050.00
    Diamond Rs.2750.00
    Platinum Rs.1100.00
    Biotique Rs.900.00
    Shahnaz, Regular Rs.475.00
    Shahnaz, Gold Rs.1500.00
    Clean Up Regular Rs.200.00
    Clean Up Rose water Rs.175.00
    Clean Up Fruit Rs.275.00
    Peel Facial Rs.1500.00
    Organic Rs.375.00
    H2O Rs.2000.00
    Pgmentation Rs.750.00
  • Bleach

    from Rs.200.00

    Face Rs.200.00
    Hands Rs.475.00
    Legs Feet Rs.400.00
    Neck Rs.275.00
    Body Rs.2500.00



  • Hair Cuts

    From Rs.100.00

    Boy Cut Rs.100.00
    U.Cut Rs.150.00
    V.Cut Rs.150.00
    Step Cut Rs.225.00
    Feather Cut Rs.475.00
    Fashion Cut Rs.575.00
    Layer Cut Rs.650.00
    Bottom Cut Rs.275.00
    Hair Chopping Rs.375.00
  • Hair Colourings

    FROM Rs.100.00

    Garinier Rs.100.00
    Matrix Rs.150.00
    Loreal Rs.150.00
    Revlon Rs.225.00
    Full Hair Rs.475.00
    Touch Up Rs.575.00
    Hair Spa Rs.650.00
    Ioning Rs.275.00
    Curls Rs.375.00
    Black Rose Rs.100.00
    Hair Streaking Rs.1500.00 & Rs.3500.00
    Hair Shampooing Rs.150.00
    Blow Dry Rs.375.00
    Highlighting Rs.1500.00 & Rs.2500.00
    Hair Setting Rs.200.00


Body Treatments

  • Threading

    From Rs.20.00

    Forehead Rs.20.00
    Eyebrows Rs.20.00
    Upper Lips Rs.20.00
    Chin Rs.30.00
    Face Threading Rs.125.00

    From Rs.50.00

    Full Arms Rs.225.00
    Full Legs Rs.375.00
    Half Arms Rs.225.00
    Under Arms Rs.50.00
    Face Wax Rs.150.00


Body Treatments


    From 300.00

    Regular Pedicure Rs.300.00
    Luxurious Pedicure Rs.475.00
    Crystal Pedicure (Spa) Rs.550.00
    Magic Pedicure (Spa) Rs.400.00

    From Rs.200.00

    Regular Manicure Rs.225.00
    Luxurious Manicure Rs.375.00
    Crystal Manicure (Spa) Rs.400.00
    Magic Manicure (Spa) Rs.375.00



  • Makeup

    From Rs.300.00

    Regular Makeup Rs.350.00
    Party Makeup Rs.750.00
    Bridal Makeup Rs.4500.00
    Magic Manicure (Spa) Rs.375.00
  • Mehendi

    From Rs.300.00

    Regular Mahendi Design Rs.300.00
    Black Mehindi Design Rs.600.00
    Aerobic Mehindi Design Rs.150.00




    From Rs.300.00

    Body Massage Rs.500.00
    Body Steaming Rs.500.00
    Body Spa Rs.2500.00
    Body Polishing Rs.3000.00

    From Rs.300.00

    Hair Oil Massage Rs.200.00
    Dandruff Spa Rs.1000.00
    Hair Wash Rs.150.00
    Henna Rs.375.00
    Gun Shot Rs.300.00

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